3 Reasons Why PPC is the wave of the future in driving occupancy and asset value:

1. ROI (return on investment) skyrockets when you dominate the big two REITS and your local competitors on the Google Search Pages.

2. Turning Your Turnstiles. Having a better flow of leads enables your staff to aggressively raise rental rates; thus increasing ticket prices on lower paying seasoned fans. iLead will show you a program that generates rent increases of $10 to $40 per unit while growing occupancy.

3. SEO and Map’s search results are dying a slow death at the hands of Google PPC. SEO and Maps searches make very little revenue for Google. Is it any wonder that PPC results are what they feature in their search results? Couple this with the fact that 60% of all storage internet searches are made on a mobile cell phone device and you can imagine the importance of being in the top two positions of searches. Only the top two results show on most hand-helds. Most searchers hate to scroll down. iLead owns the top positions for our clients. Who's on First? Your storage team will be!

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