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Primary Goals and Objectives of PPC & Training

The overall goal of this proposal is to develop a Storage Moneyball marketing program that will lead to your facility dominating the search pages of Google/Bing. This will result in a substantial increase of quality inbound rental calls, faster lease-up, higher closing ratios, higher occupancy, net income and asset values. Your site will dominate their market area in acquiring new management contracts, with this increased performance for their clients.

Specific objectives to be achieved by i-Lead (Provider) for the trial facilities include the following:

Responsive Web Landing Sites: Create up to four per facility highly differentiated Landing sites for Google/Bing PPC internet searches. Time Frame: 7 to 10 days lead time - We do not use your current website nor do we do SEO.

(iLead) PPC Strategy: Develop non-traditional differentiated PPC campaigns that produce calls not clicks while targeting a wider viewing audience and increased ROI. Monthly reports will reveal increased performance on steroids. Strategies are strictly guarded and proprietary. Time Frame: Simultaneous to creation of Landing pages

Spring Training Camp: Access to the website training materials for Storage Moneyball

A. Understanding your advertising vs. the REITS
B. Staying on Script avoiding questions that do not necessarily lead to closing the deal
C. The importance of closing sales TODAY in lieu of reservations and invitations to visit
D. Pushing your geographic marketing area of influence
E. Becoming gatherers of information, as opposed to givers of information
F. The importance of self phone evaluations.

Ongoing phone rental call presentation analysis: (iLead) Evaluates 2 calls per employee per month based on utilizing the ‘Moneyball Closing Script’. iLead assesses the employee’s abilities in the closing of rental sales and reports the results. We send the audio files of the analysis to your supervisor for ongoing training and discussion with your staffs.