Storage Moneyball Rental Call Training

iLead does more than just source your inbound rental traffic. iLead ensures the team is performing at their maximum potential on every inquiry. The Tracking Platform ensures best practices in lead follow-up with each rental opportunity. The Platform captures all leads, archives/recent history, institutes rules-based multi-channel follow-up tools via phone, email, TXT. Integrates existing tenant call/interactions and notes. The MoneyBall Platform records outbound calls in addition to traditional inbound calls, thus recording all interactions to facilitate high-quality customer experiences, with all staff members.

The team players grade their own calls for quality performance. iLead then reviews, grades and tabulates the results for quality assurance. Sub-standard calls are micro-managed to ensure the mistakes of the call are not repeated.

iLead can use your existing phone call recording programs or we have two cost effective programs we recommend. These programs are monitored by iLead for inbound rental call qualitiy 'Closing deals Today' assurance. We randomly chose two calls by each employee for analysis monthly. The analysis references basics of successful 'Closing Today', as outlined in the included Spring Training Camp. The audio file with comments are then forwarded to your property supervisor for ongoing review and discussion with your staffs.