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Sunday, January 13, 2013 - 12:30

Who's on First? iLead

Included in our flat rate marketing fee is ongoing call analysis. Each month your staff member and supervisor will receive two audio files (per employee) to discuss any deficiencies, as outlined in the Spring Training Camp. Spring Training Camp for all staff is always included.

The storage industry is slow to change. Nearly every owner we speak with, believe their staffs are closing rental inquiries in the neighborhood of 50% to 75%. True in depth sourcing of inquiries typically reveal a different story.

Asking the caller to come down for a visit, tour, or establish some sort of hold of a unit in a vague distant future is not a conversion.That's little league thinking. iLead plays in a bigger ball field and has the proven baseball card statistics to prove it. Your new ball park to play in stretches out those singles to doubles, doubles to 3-baggers, and triples to inside the park home-runs. Clicks become Calls and Calls become conversions!